Meet The Pharmacists of Hanger Drugs

Tim McCartin - Pharmacist
   Tim has been a practicing pharmacist for 38 years, getting his start by graduating from Purdue University in 1976.   He even did his externship here at Hanger Drugs the same year.  Little did he know that years later he would come back to join us and has now been a pharmacist at Hanger Drugs for 8 months!  Prior to working here, Tim worked at our sister store, Butt Drugs, for 38 years. 
    Tim says he enjoys working at Hanger & Butt Drugs because they are a family business that puts customer needs first and also allows him to do the same.  That is an important aspect of the store to Tim because he enjoys meeting patients and helping them with their health and wellness needs.     Most of all, Tim would like to thank you, his patients, for giving him the opportunity to serve your health care and personal needs.  If Tim isn't in the pharmacy, you can find him with his family, at church, or outdoors hiking and white water rafting!

Suzanne Roberts - Pharmacist
  Suzanne earned her Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Purdue University.  She has been with us at Hanger Drugs for 10 years and has been working at our sister pharmacy, Butt Drugs, for the past six months as well.   She says she enjoys being a pharmacist at Butt & Hanger Drugs because she is actually able to get to know her customers.  This allows her to better serve their needs and help them with medical issues they may be dealing with. If you can't find Suzanne at either of our pharmacies, she is probably enjoying her time being active in her church, running, bicycling, cooking, or watching football and basketball - Go Purdue!

John Keith Sullivan – Pharmacist
   His real name may be John, but we all love and know him as Keith!  He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1981 with a degree in hand, ready to change the world.  For over 7 years, Keith has worked here at Hanger Drugs, helping one customer at a time to achieve their health and well-being goals - not quite the world but close!  He has split his time between here and our sister store, Butt Drugs, for the past three years as well.  He enjoys working at Hanger & Butt Drugs because of the atmosphere that comes with our family owned pharmacies.  He can focus more on the customer rather than forms to fill out and bottom lines to keep track of.  And the cherry on top for Keith is that he gets to work everyday with our wonderful pharmacy staff!  When Keith is nowhere to be found at either of the stores, he is probably enjoying UK Basketball, watching Sportsdrome Car Racing, reading, or going to the gym.  


Michelle Riggs - Pharmacist
  Michelle has known since she was a little girl that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a pharmacist. Upon graduating from Purdue University, she had achieved her goal.  For the past 22 years, she has not only enjoyed being a pharmacist, but also the feeling of helping her patients with personalized treatments for their specific medical issues.  We have been lucky to have Michelle at our pharmacy for over 5 years and for the past year she has also worked at our sister pharmacy, Butt Drugs.  She says the best thing about working here is being part of an independent “family” setting where we are more concerned about the care and needs of our patients than the bottom line.  When Michelle isn’t at either pharmacy, she enjoys spending time with her family and children, volunteering at her children’s school, golfing, and even teaching a Kindergarten class at Northside Christian Church!