F.A.S.T. Plan  

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   At Hanger Drugs, we realize prescription medications can get expensive and we are here to help.  That is why we have implemented our 4-Month FAST Plan where you can receive a four month supply of select medications for only $20!  

  We know, there are some "cheaper" options out there and we agree, $4 generics are great.  But, numerous trips to the mega-stores can cost you a lot more than that $4  prescription.  Not to mention all of the “extras” you purchase while you are waiting.  

   We invite you to experience the ease and convenience of filling prescriptions our way, the FAST way!  With our Friendly Affordable Service Today program you can save time and money by making less trips to the pharmacy.   

   So, come on by Hanger Drugs where we can save you money, gas, and time with our F.A.S.T Plan - $20 for a  4 month supply of your prescription medication!